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Hopman Cup   01 jan 2005 1: Black (148) 3-6 7-65 6-0 

Hopmancup.com, 1 januari 2005

Interview Hopman Cup 2005 na Zimbabwe

Well Michaella, what a win. How did you feel going into it? Were you full of confidence or a tiny bit nervous?

I was really nervous. In the first set I wasnít playing really well and she was playing good in the first set. In the second I was really lucky to win and the third set I played really well.

Luck didnít play a part in it; you went for your shots; you were the aggressor throughout the match.

Yeah sheís more a gravel player I think because she is really good physically and sheís running really well and her shots are pretty close to the line and she is not really hitting hard. Normally Iím playing really hard and Iím trying to get to the net, but this time it wasnít really working. But it was really great I won.

Well tell us a little bit about yourself. Youíre still very young, itís not daunting being on the tour, so are you enjoying it?

Iím really enjoying it. I was really nervous in the first set, so it makes me feel like I have to have more experience in more matches.

This is good experience from a match like this. Three sets, the second set went an hour, the third set you just polished it off.

Thatís what I said I was just really lucky in the second. She was playing better today than me. And in the third I was playing better than her. So it was really a strange match. It was great.

Well, itís the first day of the New Year. What are your aims for this year? What do you hope to achieve with your tennis?

I hope to get into the top 100 by the end of the year. If that doesnít work out, then I hope next year I will get in the top100.

In that second set you spoke about it, I think we have a little bit of you in action here, again, very aggressive and some good ground shots, good attacking.

Yeah I was trying to get to the net every time but my volleys were not going really well this time. (Looking at the television) I think that was in the third set right?

That was in the second set when you were grafting back.

In the third it was this shot again, she was running really well it was tough to make the point

Just finally, the doubles might loom. Whatís your history of doubles and mixed doubles?

Mixed doubles I donít have any history. I think it would be one of my first official matches in mixed. Maybe the first one. In the doubles I played a lot of juniors. I won this year at Roland Garros and the US Open so that means I played really well there and I won a $50,000 in doubles too.

Will there be a possibility of playing a doubles match to move in to the main draw of the Hopman Cup? Or are you backing Peter to win this match?

It will be great to win. I hope Peter will win so that will be better, because if the mixed is the decider it will be tough because they are like the best mixed players I think. I will cheer for him and do my best.

Congratulations today and the crowd loved it. Enjoy the next match and enjoy the Hopman Cup.

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