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US Open 

Usopen.org, 7 september 2003

An interview with Michaella Krajicek

First of all I would like to talk about the Canadian Open and congratulate you on winning there.

Thank you.

It was a really close match, three sets. I heard from Florin Mergea your match lasted nearly three hours.

Yes something like that. We played very well. In the first set Flipkens won 6-4. She played very good in the first and in the second I was very lucky to win that because I was two breaks behind her. Then in the third I was two breaks behind also, so I was lucky to win that third set.

Was it difficult playing her because I know you guys are friends?

I started with a lot of respect for her because she won Wimbledon. After that I was playing better and better. She is a good friend but on the court it's not friendship anymore. Afterwards we are now friends together.

You decided to play doubles together here?

Yes, we played once in Roehampton and played very good together.

You will be a formidable team.

I hope so.

Are you looking forward to your matches?

Yes. I have a good chance to win the first round. In the second and third I'm not looking forward.

This is your first US Open. Is this the first time you have been in America?

Yes, it's great. New York is so big. I'm just losing everybody here.

It's so good that you are excited by everything.

Yes I am. It's very nice.

You are seeded two. Does that put any pressure on you?

Yes, sometimes a little. When you're seeded two people expect you will be in the final. I'm just going to play my matches and I will see how it works. Everything is more difficult in the grand slams than a normal tournament.

You won several back to back tournaments this year and reached semifinals at the French. Are you thinking at all about the champions race?

Yes, when I see this and the players walking around. I hope to be there soon.

I think you reached the number one ranking today. Have you checked yet?

No, I haven't seen it yet, but if I am, it's great.

How did you prepare for this event? What did you do between Wimbledon and Canada?

I had one day almost free but I mostly concentrated on training.

How do you fit in school work?

I have to do my school next week, so that will be pretty tough. I learn from books, then once a month I do exams. I have to finish three exams for last year and next year is the last year I have to go to school.

This is not your last year of juniors, is it?

No, I will still play juniors but I will try to play many WTA next year.

Is your family with you?

My dad

Has he been to America before?

I think twice before.

Does your brother Petr play tennis?

Yeah, He's 11 now. He's trying to play. He's pretty tall so he's playing basketball too.

Why did you start to play tennis?

I think my dad decided that, and my mom. I think that's the reason and my brother plays.

You mean Richard (Krajicek)?


So you have a brother and a half brother?

Yes. Richard and I have the same dad but not the same mom.

Is your father the tennis player in the family? Did he encourage both of you to play?

Yeah, you can say it like that. He started to play when he was 28 or something like that. He decided Richard would play and then he decided I would play.

How old were you when Richard won Wimbledon?


Did that give you any inspiration?

I have no idea what I was doing at that age. I saw the match a lot of times. It wasn't only that my brother was playing. I liked the game.

How did you know you liked tennis. Did you just go on the court and hit?

Yeah, I would play points. I just liked the game, it was great.

Well thanks for the chat and good luck in your matches.

I am sorry I am looking around all the time. I want to see everybody (giggle)

I am sure they all want to see you too!

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