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Michaella Krajicek, Sonyericssonwtatour, 14 juni 2009

Michaella Krajicek's Blog 1

I'm very happy to be back here. I really enjoy playing here every year. And just like playing here is a tradition for me, so is doing the blog from here :) This is my third year in a row blogging from the Ordina Open.

Although it rained a lot earlier in the day, I had a nice start to my week with an exhibition match against Kim Clijsters. As you all probably know, she is returning to the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour this year, and this was her first singles match back. And she played very well! It was an honor to play against her. She still plays at such a high level. She won the first five games, too - that's when I knew she was taking this very seriously! I didn't expect a smashing start like that :) It was definitely a wake-up call! In exhibition matches you want to enjoy yourself, but you also want to show your best tennis. I was starting to play better in the second set, but she won in straight sets. I enjoyed every moment though, even if I was a bit up and down throughout the match.

I was so happy so many people stayed around to watch the match. It rained from about 9am to 3pm today. It was a shame. I went to the gym and relaxed a bit during that time, just waiting to play. When we eventually got to play, there were lots of people there. By the end of the match the stadium was full. It wasn't easy for them to stay either. We were so thankful to them for staying. It's so much better for us players to play in front of such a great crowd!

I'm playing my first main draw match tomorrow, third on Centre Court. I'm playing Errani from Italy. I played her in Auckland last year and we had a very long match. I was struggling with my wrist then, so it was a very different time for me. But that goes for her, too. She was ranked much lower then and was just coming up. Tomorrow I'll just play my game and go for it. I'm trying to enjoy every moment on the court - that's really important for me, because I'm still coming back from my injury. It's a new start. And I'm really trying to become more consistent in my results, too. You need to play well and win consistently. Hopefully I can get back into the Top 100 by the end of the year, that's my goal. So whether I lose first round or win the title this week, I'm just going to enjoy it!

Have a good night and talk to you tomorrow!


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