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Michaella Krajicek, Sonyericssonwtatour.com, 17 juni 2009

Michaella Krajicek's Blog 4

Another busy day today! I started off practicing with Yanina in the morning to prepare for our doubles match. I did some work in the gym too, not that much, but now that I'm only in doubles I can do more running aside from my matches. After lunch we waited around a bit and then played very well in our match, especially in the first set. We made some mistakes in the second set and we were down two breaks but we were able to win it in a tie-break. We really had a lot of fun out there. I'm excited to be in the semifinals!

After our match we went to the kids day together. We took about half an hour of questions, and then I did an autograph session for my sponsor, Babolat. I was there for 50 minutes! I almost had to go to the physio afterwards to get my arm checked :) The encouragement from the fans is so nice. The kids are always excited to meet me, but I am always so happy to meet them too :)

We're playing Dekmeijere and Kops-Jones tomorrow. I've never played them as a team, although I have played Dekmeijere separately. We'll just try to keep each other pumped up, whether we're up or down. We just want to have fun, and hopefully we can do well again tomorrow and reach the final!!

I just had dinner and I'm hoping to watch a movie or some TV tonight. It's nice to be back in Holland, where I can watch the things I know :) We'll see what's on!


How did you spend your time while you were injured? Alexis
Well, a lot of time was spent recovering from the injury, as in building things up again, especially with the knee. They gave me 4-6 weeks but I took about 8-9 weeks in total, just to make sure it healed. The most crucial thing is to give yourself time. My coach joked that it wouldn't be difficult for me, that I'm good at relaxing! In those weeks I'd rest a lot but do a bit of light hitting on the court, like 15 minutes one day, 20 minutes the next... In the other time I'd catch up with friends and do fun projects, things like decorating your apartment or whatever... It's always nice to switch off from the Tour, and when you're back, you'll be very fresh. There's never really a boring time for me. I love to play so much, but if I have a lay-off, it's not the end of the world for me :)

Who were your idols when you were young? Shane
I sort of looked up to my parents mainly, especially when I was really young. Not so much like idols, but someone you respect and learn from. The older you get, the more opinionated you get, and it's a different story! I didn't really have anyone in particular as an idol. There are a lot of clever people in this world though, and many of them don't get the recognition they deserve, people who help other people and change their lives. They don't get thanked enough.

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