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Michaelle Krajicek, sonyericssonwtatour.com, 18 juni 2009

Michaella Krajicek's Blog 5

I'm happy to tell you we won our semifinal match and we'll be playing for the doubles title tomorrow. Our opponents gave us a tough one today, but we were very solid. We held our service games fairly well most of the time and we were really pushing them on their serves. In the end, we won in straight sets. We definitely had a lot of fun today. Yanina had won her singles match before, and she continued to play well in the doubles, so congratulations to her!

Yanina and I play well together because we don't sweat the small stuff. Both of us focus more on our singles and take this more as practice for that, but I think that helps. It takes the pressure off. If we lose, it's no big damage. We both have good serves and volleys and can play well from the back, so it works well in doubles. Obviously we're both playing to win, too. It's tough to beat us.

I did a few other fun things today. I had a hit with one of Holland's best juniors - she is 13 and No.1 in the Under 16 category. She's a friend of mine and she asked me, so of course I said yes. I hit with her for about 30 minutes. I must admit, she plays really well! Then I went to do an interview for my sponsor, Ordina, which is also the main sponsor of the tournament. Stanley Franker, our former Davis Cup coach, did the interview. Later I went to the gym for some running, then got a massage... another pretty busy day!

One more thing... the new issue of Vriendin, a magazine in Holland, just came out, and there's a four-page article on me. They interviewed me before. There are some nice photos, it's just great. Check it out if you can...

Congrats again to Yanina! I'll talk to you all again tomorrow!


Of all the cities you've been to, which is your favorite? Bobby, USA
That's a tough one. I've been living in Prague since I was nine (my parents are both Czech) and I love it here so this is definitely one of them. But I love New York City, too. Prague I love for its history and New York for being so busy.

What are your goals now that you are back and healthy? Karen
This year I want to get back into the Top 100, but my career goal is to become No.1! But all the other girls have the same dream so I know it's tough! I'd love to win a Grand Slam. There are things that you have to do to achieve all of these things though, including staying healthy and keeping on enjoying it :)

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