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Hopman Cup   06 jan 2006 5: Raymond (74) 6-4 7-64 

Hopmancup.com, 6 januari 2006

Interview Hopman Cup 2006 na haar enkel in de finale

Michaella congratulations. Is this the biggest day of your life?

Not the biggest day, but I am very happy I won. It was a tough match I had to be very patient to win every shot. Iím really happy that I made the second set because it was very tough at 40-15 down. I made it so Iím very happy.

When youíre playing against somebody like Lisa, were you nervous at the start?

Of course every match I am little bit nervous, but if youíre not nervous then something is wrong with you I think. I was a little bit nervous but not too much. I think I played great. I made a little bit mistakes in the second set. Just my forehand and backhand werenít going that good in that second set, in the beginning. I think I played a good match.

What we thought was that you were so positive and you played attacking tennis right from the start. Just at the end of the first set there were a few shakes there, but you played a really positive shot here. A cross-court forehand was an absolute classic and thatís what typified your match.

I had to go for the shots even though I was down every time. Even in my service games I wasnít serving that well.

And hereís the celebration at the end. Wow.

Yes I was really delighted. It was a tough match and like I said in the second set, the break points down. I had a lot of break points on her serve but I couldnít break her in the second set so Iím just pretty happy.

Now what chance for Peter?

A big chance. He is playing very good this week and the matches he played here. He didnít lose any singles matches. I think he will play good and hopefully he will win. That would be better than to play another mixed.

You might not have to play the mixed. Anyway, very well done. Congratulations, it was fantastic to see.

Thank you.

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